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Anphu Earthworm Co., Ltd is situated only 50 kilometres from Hochiminh City.

Vietnam is an agricultural country with good rain and abundant sunshine. Combine those assets with the hardworking spirit of the Vietnamese people and it’s easy to understand why Vietnam is a major producer and exporter of organic foods.

Vietnamese farmers are very much aware of the competitive nature of international trade and stand far ahead of their competition because they make extensive use of worms and their products.  Vietnamese farmers using Anphu worm products can rightly claim to be not just organic, but biological farmers.

Their demand for these worm-made plant growth stimulants is so great that meeting this demand has made Anphu the biggest worm farm in the Vietnam !

Established as recently as 2003, Anphu Earthworm Company now cooperate with over 150 earthworm farmers in region  and covers 40 hectares. It is here that worms are intensively cultured and processed into various agricultural products under conditions of laboratory cleanliness.

The Anphu quality standard is such that to meet the steadily increasing demand for its products, Anphu now has 150 worm growers under contract to supplement their worm production.

With target of LOW PROTEIN BUT HIGH NUTRITION, almost products are high essential amino acid for organic agriculture

As Vietnam’s biggest, Anphu produces more than 100 tonnes of animal additive feed per year and over 1000 tonnes of vermicast.

We are the main supplier of earthworm powder, and earthworm produce as food supplements for poultry and aquaculture farming.  Our vermicast, both slid and liquid replaces chemical fertilizers to our vegetable growers and also pastures for dairy cows.  We sell vermicast to local market and still are able to export 30% of our product to Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia, Germany, Spain. In addition, we are now developing a business with Home Worm Bin so that organic wastes produced in the home is disposed of in the home.   Nothing going to landfill to produce greenhouse gas!


Company information:



License No: 4102056754 – Hochiminh city Department of Planning and Investment.

Tax Code: 0305377427

Address: 5/8 Street No 15, Binh An ward, Dist 2, Hochiminh city – Vietnam

Tel: 84-08-62810287 – Cell: 84-983346179

Fax: 84-08-62810261

Anphu Earthworm Co., Ltd – Solution for organic agriculture

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